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We are here to bring understanding of the paranormal to the people who either do not believe there is something beyond, or those that do believe and are having trouble with such occurrences.
We try to prove the existence of ghosts by disproving them through logical investigations and explainations.
PARANORMAL INTERVENTIONS AUSTRALIA is a Team of Paranormal Researchers looking to help those plagued by paranormal activity, as well as Investigate and document claims of the Paranormal at some of Australia's most historic and legendary locations.
If you and your family or your place of business are experiencing things that you cannot explain,
We are here to help you!
We use the best in paranormal investigation equipment possible,
and all of our services are FREE of charge!
PARANORMAL INTERVENTIONS AUSTRALIA is a non-profit Paranormal Research Group.
We accept donations for travel expenses and to help better our equipment.
The needs of our clients come first.
We will only use the evidence we capture on our websites with a signed release,
and we never disclose our clients name and exact location!
So please, if anything out of the ordinary is plaguing not hesitate to contact us!
We take all of our clients seriously and guarantee discretion!.
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