Adjuration - When dealing with evil spirits, conjurers and exorcists used a formula which commanded the spirit to obey the conjurer or exorcist in the name of the Christian God. 


Afterlife - Life after our physical-body dies. 


Agathodemon - Worshiped by ancient-Egyptians, this benevolent-spirit had the body of a serpent and the head of a human. 


Agent - When one person communicates or attempts to communicate to another during an Extrasensory Perception or psychokinesis experiment or is the focus of spiritual-activity. 


Amorphous - Having no set shape or form; mist-like. 


Anomalous - Not of the normal. Deviating from what is usual or expected. 


Amulet - This object (charm) is used to protect its owner, ward off evil and possibly bring good-luck; They can found in many different shapes, sizes and colors. 


Angel- Said to be an immortal, spiritual-being, that in which acts as a messenger between Gods and those living; Superior to humans in power and intelligence Depicted as good or evil.


Animal Psi - When animals exhibit psychic-powers or abilities. These abilities include: impending-danger, navigating unknown-territory, to sense the location of its owner and to foresee possibly harm to the owner. 


Anomaly - Departure from the normal. 


Antichrist - Revelation 13 depicts the Antichrist as a demon who will precede the Second Coming of Christ. 


Apparition - The supernatural appearance of a person (could be living or dead), animal or thing. 


Apport - An living-being or object that materializes from thin-air usually in the presence of a medium. These objects are said to be gifts from those from beyond the grave. 


Archangel Elder-angels that guide groups of spirituals rather than just individual-spirits who are tended to by angels. 


Ariolater- Predicts the future by the interpretation of omens. 


Asport - When an living-being or object disappears from its location; the direct opposite of apport. 


Astral - Coming from the stars; fabric of the heavens. 


Astral Body - A version of the physical-body said to be spiritual. Existing in the astral-plane. 


Astral Plane - Astral-world consisting of planetary-spheres, crossed by an individuals-soul on its way to being reborn. Said to be populated by spirits, angels and immaterial-beings. 


Astral Projection/Astral Travel - Considered an OBE (Out-of-body experience). 


Augury - A form of divination. preindicition of an important event to come. 


Aura - A luminous-radiation (energy) that surrounds humans; Said to be seen by only psychics and aura-photographers. 


Automatic Writing - Mediums practice this form of written-text while in a trance or state of altered-consciousness to communicate with those past-over. 


Automatism - Subconscious-communication with the conscious through means of Ouija Board, automobiles,the swinging of a pendulum or automatic writing.



Backward Blessing - Said to invoke the Devil by reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. 


Banshee- Usually found in Irish and Scottish families; these benevolent-spirits are said to wail when a member of the family dies. 


Battlefield Ghost - Spirits that reenact their role in a battle that they were once a part in life. 


Benign Spirit - A spirit that is not a threat or harmful. 


Black Magic - The opposite of White Magic. Connected with Evil;. Used for the purpose of evil; sorcery; witchcraft. 



Calling Ghosts - Ghosts that whisper,yell,scream out a mortals name to get their attention. 


Channeling - Communication with non-physical beings (ghosts, demons, etc).


Charm - These magical-formulas are sung or recited in order to achieve a desired effect and are sometimes recited in the making of talismans and amulets. 


Clair-audience - The power to hear paranormal sounds and voices. 


Clair-sentience - Any kind of paranormal sensing ability; clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc. 


Clairvoyance - The power to sense or see ghosts,demons,spirits,etc. 


Cleansing - The Exorcism of a spirit that has less to do with religion. 


Conjuration - Invoking or calling on spirits by the means of ritual-activities. 


Cold Spot - An area or section that’s temperature is lower than that of its surroundings, said to be created when a ghost is present. 


Collective Apparition - An apparition or ghost that is said to be seen by more than one person at the same time. 



Death Panorama - Upon death the newly-deceased are shown their life which is said to last two to three days. 


Death Prayer(1) - This prayer is recited by a living person for a soul past-over. The prayer is said to help the deceased in death or to help those that are living.


Death Prayer(2) - This prayer is recited to cause the death of someone living by means of invoking and commanding a demon to kill. 


Déjà Vu - The illusion of remembering situations that you have experienced for the first time; notions that one has heard or seen before. 


De-materialization - The opposite of materialization; when a physical-object dissipates or fades. 


Demon - An evil-spirit; A devil said to be torturous. 


Devil - Satan. An evil-spirit; Fallen-angel; embodiment of all that is evil. 


Devil's Mark- A blemish or birthmark on a person, it's said to be tainted by the Devil as to mark ownership. 


Disembodied - The absence of the physical-body 


Disembodied Voices - Hearing voices often from locations unreachable to the physical-body. Voices have no logical-explanation. 


Discarnate - Existing without a physical-body. 


Discernment - Perception of the obscure using the mind or other senses. 


Divination - Prophesy; Able to foretell the future. 


Double - The exact duplication of a person, animal or object. Usually an apparition located away from the original. 


Dowsing - The usage of a bent-wire, pendulum or forked stick to locate various things. 


Doppelganger - An apparition or wraith of a living-person which is the exact replica according to German folklore. 



Earthquake Effect - A paranormal occurrence associated with the shaking of a room as if in an earthquake. 


Ectoplasm - A substance held to produce spirit-materialization from the orifice of a medium. Allows the spirit to take on a physical-form. 


Electrokinesis - The ability to generate electricity with only the mind. 


Elemental - A spirit of nature. 


Elongation - When a mediums body is taken control of by a spirit, ghost, demon, etc, the body is sometimes known to grown longer. 


EMF - Electromagnetic Field. An magnetic and electric energy,invisible to the human-eye, radiates from radio and light-waves to cosmic and gamma-rays

EMF Detector - Detects and measures changes in the electromagnetic field. 


ESP - Extrasensory Perception. Allows one to perceive things that they otherwise would use their five-senses for. ESP allows one to use the mind alone or with the assistance of the supernatural. 


Empath - Psychically showing considerable amounts of empathy. 


Evocation - The verse of incantation, ritual, or gesture summoning of spirits,ghosts,demons,etc. 


EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Using audio-devices to aid in the capture of voices from that of spirits.


Exorcism - The act of forcibly riding an unwanted-spirit, ghost or demon from a location or one who is possessed. 


Extispicy - The practice of divination using animal- entrails.



Fairy - A Variety of creatures of super-natural origin. Originating in Ireland, Britain and Europe. 


Familiar - Spirits that take the form of animals such as a cat or dog and are the servants of witches or wizards. 


Fetish - An inanimate-object used to create a bond with the deceased. Objects include claws, teeth, dolls, stones, etc.


Flying Rods - A paranormal-phenomena with the inclusion of rod-shaped objects, these flying-rods show up in video footage or pictures. 



Ganzfeld Stimulation - In the 1970's this technique was developed to provide a low-stimulus environment. It is said to increase Extrasensory Perception receptivity. 


Geomancy - A form of divination through certain features of earth such as geographical landscapes and lines. 


Ghost - The (disembodied) soul of a dead-person. 


Ghost Lights - Directly related to orbs but are much brighter and lighter in appearance. 


Ghost Ship - The appearance of ships or any water-vessel that has been long since wrecked or missing in action for centuries. 


Ghoul - An evil demon or spirit; haunts cemeteries to feed on the dead and rob graves. 


Globule - Seems that these have the same properties as an orb, however these are typically much larger and brighter then the standard orb. 


Glossolalia - The practice of speaking in tongues; meaningless gibberish. 


Goetic - A kind of magic that invokes evil-spirits, ghosts, demons, etc with the intention to serve humans. 



Halloween - October 31st. On this night "All hallows Eve" the spirit-world and we mortals are said to become one.


Haunt - To visit or stay around as a spirit, ghost, demon, etc; unexplained-happenings at a particular-location; Occurrences of the paranormal. 


Hexagram - A 6-pointed-star that represents a plane-figure. Often associated with devil-worshiping. 


Hydromancy - Any method of divination using liquids (as water); ability to hear meaningful sounds and interpreting patterns within water.


Hypnosis - A trance-like state resembling sleep, the subject becomes relaxed and open to suggestion. 


Hypnotist - The practice of Hypnotism 



Incubus - A goblin or demon that takes the form of an male-mortal; seeks to seduce woman usually while they sleep.


Infestation - Persistent or repeating paranormal activity. 


Intelligent Haunting -An intelligent-ghost or conscious-ghost that haunts a person, house or area


Invocation - The summoning of ghosts,demons,spirits,etc.



Jamais Vu - When a familiar-place or situation seems to have never taken place before. The opposite of Deja Vu. 



Levitation - Using the mind to raise a body into the air without physically touching it. 


Light Trance Medium - A medium who communicates with the dead without going into a deep-trance. 


Lucifer - Satan; The Devil 


Lycanthropy - Is the folklore ability of a person to manifest their self into an animal. 



Macro-PK - The direct observance of any Psychokinetic-effect. 


Magic - The art of using illusion to produce effects seen in the physical-world by means of supernatural-phenomena. 


Maleficia - Catastrophes, bad-luck, misfortunes with no obvious earthy-cause. Influenced through evil spirits,sorcery or witchcraft. 


Malevolent - A spirit who wishes to cause harm. 


Manifestation - Physically taking on the form or appearance of an entity. 


Materialization - Living beings or objects appearing from thin-air. 


Matrixing - Manifesting images as something that they aren’t. 


Medium - One who has the power to communicate with the dead. 


Moon - Believed to be a powerful source of the supernatural in many different religions and folklore. 



Nature Spirits - These exist in nature, are said to be invisible to the living, and could be good or evil. 


NDE - Near Death Experience. Other-worldly-experiences from persons after being pronounced clinically dead. 


Necromancy - Divination in the way of raising the dead for the purpose of revealing the future. 



Occult - Hidden. secret or reserved knowledge. 


Orb - A form of anomaly. They appear in pictures, are in the shape of a circle and look to be floating in the air, often confused with dust/dirt particles. 


Omen - Phenomenon believed to predict a future event. 


Oracle - A form of divination through the contact of spirits or gods. 


Ouija Board - Used to contact the dead; spirits,ghosts,demons, etc. Use with caution! 


Out of Body Experience - Leaving the physical body usually to travel to another place. Also known as Astral Travel/Astral Projection. 



Paranormal - Unexplained events that can not be connected to or solved through science. 


Paranormal Photography - Using photographs in hopes to catch physical evidence of the paranormal or supernatural. 


Parapsychology - The investigation of the human mind to perform paranormal feats or psychological phenomena (Telepathy,clairaudience,psychokinesis, etc). 


Phantom - A apparition or ghost existing only as a form of energy. 


Phantomania - Occurs when one is attacked a supernatural being; Causes one to be temporarily paralyzed. 


Planchette - The pointing device used with Ouija Boards. 


Possession - The physical body is taken control of by an evil-spirit,demon or other force. 


Precognition - Able to foresee the future. 


Prediction - Guessing or knowing the outcome of a future event. 


Premonition - The warning of a future event. Usually foreseen as a disaster or accident. 


Projection - OBE. See Out of Body Experience. 


Prophecy - The foresight of something to come; Predicting the future. 


PSI - Used to describe phenomena and paranormal-abilities; psychokinesis,telepathy,etc. 


Psychic - One who harnesses one or more abilities of the paranormal; sensitive to the supernatural. 


Psychokinesis - Using only the mind to move physical-objects. 


Psychometry - Knowing the history of an object upon touching it. 


Pyromancy - Divination in the form of using fire. 



Rappings - Often heard as a knocking-sound from spirits, ghosts, demons, poltergeists, etc during a séance. 


Reincarnation - Continuity of life after death through the rebirth of a soul in a new body. 


Remote Viewing - using only the mind or through an out of body experience to perceive locations or objects at a distance. 


Residual Haunting - The repeated occurrence of a the same haunting where the ghost has no interaction with anyone. 


Retro Cognition - Obtaining knowledge of past-events through means of the paranormal. 



Satan - Lucifer; The Devil; Fallen Angel, personification of evil. 


Satanism - The worship of Satan; obsession with evil. 


Scrying - A form of divination through a crystal-ball. 


Séance - The gathering of people with the purpose of experiencing supernatural phenomena, usually involving contact with the dead. 


Sitting - A term used for Séance. 


Shape Shifter - Taking the form of another entity, human or animal. 


Skepticism - Doubt concerning the principles of religion. 


Sorcery - Forcibly achieving a desired-result through the process of autosuggestion and consciousness manipulation. 


Specter - Apparition or ghostly figure. 


Spirit - A supernatural-being; existing in another realm sometimes seen by humans. 


Spiritualism - A belief that spirits can communicate with mortals through a medium. 


Stigmata - Bodily marks or wounds said to resemble that of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. 


Subliminal Perception - Able to perceive without conscious-awareness. 


Succubus - A demon assuming the form of a female to seduce and have sexual-intercourse with a male-mortal in their sleep. 


Supernatural - Existing outside the natural world; Divine power, miraculous 



Talisman - Object that supposedly brings good luck, good health, protection and fortune to the owner. 


Tarot-Cards - Used for divination. 


Telekinesis - Using only the mind to move objects. 


Telepathy - The ability to transfer information, emotions or thoughts from one person to another without the use of the five common senses. Supposedly heard as a subconscious-thought once transferred. 


Teleportation - Transporting a living-being or an object instantly from one one location to another. 


Trance - A state that resembles sleep; Unresponsive. Concentration is focused on another experience. 


True Believer Syndrome - Insisting that something is true even when dis-proven. 



Vortex - The opening or entrance to another realm. Has a whirlpool like shape; is often a bright-blue color. 



White Magic - Opposite of Black-Magic. Supernatural-powers used for good-purposes. 


White-noise - A hiss-like sound connected with all audible-frequencies. 


Witchcraft - Using sorcery or magic to communicate with a demon, the devil or with a familiar. 


Wraith - An apparition of a living person that appears as a portent just before that person's death; The ghost of a dead person. 



Xenoglossy - Speaking a foreign-language completely unfamiliar, otherwise never learned by a person. 


Xenomancy - A form of divination by interpreting meetings with strangers. 



Zener Cards - A deck of cards which contain five-characters, used to tests extrasensory Perception abilities. 


Zooform Phenomena - A supernatural being that resembles an animal. 


Zoomancy - Studying the behavior and appearance of an animal; A form of divination. 


Zygomancy - Weights used as a form of divination.