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air Ion Counter
For the experienced ghost hunter, this handy device measures positive and negative ions in the air. It is widely believed that paranormal activity can generate positive ions.

Some believe when a ghost or spirit starts to manifest it may cause an increase/decrease in barometric pressure. The unit of measurement for pressure is millibars (mb), if there is a change of 20mb, then it could be considered paranormal activity.

Cameras – 35mm
35mm cameras can be pretty hard to come by these days, but if you can lay your hands on one they can be very useful for capturing any paranormal activity. Use with black and white film and/or infra-red film, for the best results use a film speed of 400. Note: Electromagnetic discharges can affect film and it may need to be replaced. Therefore it is important to ensure that plenty of spare rolls are accessible.

Cameras – Digital
Digital cameras are easy to use  and transfer high quality photos directly from a digital camera right to your computer. Some specialist digital cameras will often have been professionally modified to accept deeper Ultravoilet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light to allow photos deep into the normally unseen spectrum of light.


Candles and Matches
The essential items for any ghost hunting kit.  It is believed that paranormal energy can drain equipment energy and candles should be taken as a back up.

A compass is  useful for detecting electromagnetic forces. Reacting to  magnetic and electrical stimulus compasses are a simple, yet essential tool.

Control Object
A control object such as a coin, glass or jewellery etc.  is placed upon a sheet of paper then a pencil outline is then drawn around the object. This set at the start of an investigation then re-examined at the end. If any there has been any movement of the object it can be an indication of paranormal activity.

Dowsing Rods
Some paranormal researchers feel that the use of dowsing rods can help to pick up ghosts. In theory, ghosts give off spiritual energy. Any energy that surrounds the dowsing rods will cause them to either cross or uncross.

DVR – Digital Video Recorder
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. The system uses multiple cameras in different locations (or in the same location to film more than one view point) and feeds all footage to one split screen monitor. By using the DVR system, chances of capturing paranormal activity on video are enhanced because of the use of multiple cameras.

EMF Meter
EMF meters measure fluctuations in electromagnet fields. It is generally believed that ghosts have the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields and can be used to promote potential communication with the paranormal. An essential piece of equipment for any serious ghost hunter.

EVP Devices – Digital Audio Recorders
Digital audio recorders are a staple investigation tool for recording EVP (electronic voice phenomena). In theory ghosts can communicate through EVP. The practice is to ask a series of questions, leaving 20-30 seconds between each question and upon playback spirit voices can be heard.

EVP Devices – Ghost Box
Ghost box or spirit box use radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise. Many investigators believe this give some spirits the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs voices or sounds can be heard coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.

First Aid Kit
A health and saftey must, a first aid kit is essential for any equipment list.

Infrared Light
Although not a necessity, IR light or Infrared light can be used with video cameras that have night vision capabilities. Used together, IR light can heighten night vision capability, allowing greater visibility for filing  in the dark.

Infrared Thermal Scanner
These devices accurately pin point cold spots, In theory when a ghost starts to manifest, it will draw in heat energy around the area, causing either a cold spot or a hot spot. A normal reading is usually a 5-degree difference from your base reading. Typically a paranormal reading has a minimum of a 10-degree increase/decrease from your base reading.

Motion Detectors
A must have for any investigation, these devices are good for sensing movement when there should be none.  One sensor can easily monitor an entire hallway or room.

Essential to keep records of times and events, useful for documenting any ghost investigation. Don’t forget your pens and pencils.

Spot Lights
Small battery powered spot lights help at night when setting up and taking down cameras and other equipment.

Talcum Powder
This simple yet useful substance is essential for any investigation. Used for capturing footprints, hand prints or any sign of movement.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
This expensive but extremely useful device allows you to see what your thermal scanner detects. If a cold spot is encountered, thermal imaging cameras makes it possible to see the size and shape of the cold spot.

Thermometers are used to detect temperature changes which may signify a paranormal presence. Unlike their digital counterparts, a good old fashioned mercury filled, red-line thermometer can never be affected by electromagnetic forces.


Bright torches and extra batteries are a must for any investigation as you will primarily be working in the dark. The best colour lens to use is red, as red light is the easiest for eyes to adjust to in the dark.

Video Camera
Essential piece of kit. Video cameras allows events to be captured as they are happening.

Video Camera – Night-Vision
Similar to combining a video camera with a night vision scope or IR device. Night-vision video cameras allows the recording of light not normally visible to the naked eye.

Communication is essential to the smooth running and efficiently of a successful investigation. If you are investigating a area where your team is spread out, walkie-talkies allow you to keep in touch.

Essential for logging when events happen and recording time.

Wind Chime
Placed strategically away from drafts and wind, it is widely believed that paranormal activity can make them chime. A simple system that can alert investigators to paranormal activity.

Looking to explore and investigate the paranormal world? Here is a list of essential ghost hunt equipment in alphabetical order:

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